CCMC Teachers: WEEK 1 • JULY 13–19, 2024

CLASS LEVELS: 1–Beginner | 2–Advanced Beginner | 3–Intermediate | 4–Advanced | 5–Expert

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Neal Chin

Award-winning artist and Maui native Neal Chin has been both an ‘ukulele educator and performer over the course of his 20-year musical career. His clear and direct enthusiasm for music has come to life in countless workshops, concerts, and private instruction. He’s been nominated for the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for ‘Ukulele Album of the Year two years consecutively, for ‘Ukulele Paintings and the Spotless Mind, in 2017 and 2018. Neal has toured across the U.S. and currently lives, teaches, and performs in Seattle, WA. 

  • Essence of the ‘Ukulele

    Level 1–2

  • Join us as we explore the wonderfully wide world of the ‘ukulele! We’ll cover basic techniques, work on some ‘ukulele standards, dig into the history, and ultimately create a lens to approach the instrument, highlighting its unique voice. Class designed for beginners and the ‘ukulele curious.

  • Ukulele Jazz

    Level 3–4

  • Ever wanted to explore the world of jazz through the ‘ukulele? We’ll learn some of the essential elements of the genre, including how to comp, basic soloing, and a little bit of chord melody. Some theory, the ability to play chords around the fretboard, and a little bit of picking experience will help you get the most out of this class.

Rick Dougherty

Rick Dougherty has earned praise for his beautiful voice and musicianship from Judy Collins, Chet Atkins, Tom Paxton, and many others. Over the past 30 years he has sung with The Limeliters, Glenn Yarbrough, The Kingston Trio, and now sings with the Folk Legacy Trio. He has won awards for his jazz scat singing, directed opera, arranged for acapella groups, and conducted vocal workshops at music camps in California and Washington state. Known for his wry humor, Rick combines his experience with clear direction, solid techniques, and light-hearted encouragement to help singers find their voices and sing out.

  • Opening Act

    All levels

  • This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to open up their voices and let their tone ring out. We’ll cover the mechanics of producing a fuller tone, increasing projection, and sustaining your voice through longer phrases. We’ll learn exercises for warming up, building breath control, understanding placement, and discovering the different tones available to you, then we’ll put them all into practice with songs we can sing together.

  • Main Act

    Level 3–4

  • This class is for singers who want to continue to develop their singing and vocal style. We’ll explore vocal styles used in different types of music, phrasing, dynamics, tonal variation, and delivery. There will be lots of individual work in this class so you can bring some songs you want to work on. We’ll look at what you can do to bring out the best in the songs you’re singing. You’ll find you can learn a lot from listening to other singers work on their technique and styling.

Katie Glassman

Katie Glassman, one of the country’s most renowned and decorated Texas-style and swing fiddlers, is an accomplished songwriter, singer, and a highly sought after educator. A four-time National Swing Fiddle Champion and two-time National Divisional Champion, Katie toured and recorded with the renowned trio The Western Flyers, winners of 2018 Ameripolitan Awards “Best Western Swing Group,” and Western Music Association and the Academy of Western Artists “Western Swing Album of the Year” award for Wild Blue Yonder. As an educator, Katie is the founder, owner, and primary instructor at the online fiddle academy Since opening Fiddle School in 2018, Katie’s thorough online curriculum has given fiddlers around the world the opportunity to learn, improve, and progress in Texas-style fiddling, western swing, and early jazz.

  • Classic Country & Western Swing Melodies

    Level 2–4

  • Texas-style fiddle greats like Bob Wills grew up playing foot-stomping breakdowns for contests and square dances, then brought their fiddles to the bandstand to join in on country weepers, western swing, and cowboy songs. We’ll focus on learning the melodies and fiddle stylings of those early country favorites as we play songs by Hank Williams, Bob Wills, and the Sons of the Pioneers. Get ready to expand your jam repertoire, improve your fiddle skills, and kick up your heels!

  • Improvise on Classic Country & Western Swing Songs

    Level 2–4

  • We’ll two-step over to the chord progressions and melodic embellishments that help you improvise on classic country and western swing songs. Western swing music found its roots in country, breakdown fiddling, and jazz. The combination of these regional styles formed a unique string-based big-band sound in the ’40s and ’50s, centered on the seminal western swing band, Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. These fiddlers could seamlessly jump into a country band and play the long-bow style that fits those country shuffles. That could be YOU! Delve into my signature fiddlers “block system” for improvisation. These blocks, which focus on patterns across two adjacent strings, are specifically designed to give people improvisation tools they can use right away. Using guided repetition to solidify your skills, you’ll bring these to three songs that we'll learn top to bottom, so you'll be ready to join the band with everything from melodies and vocals to playing with the chord changes and improvising in the style!

Michaelle Goerlitz

Known for her musical diversity, Michaelle Goerlitz has played percussion or drums with a wide range of artists, including VNote Ensemble, ‘Chelle & Friends, Mark Levine, Tammy Hall, rhiannon, Yair Dalal, Barbara Higbie, Jami Sieber, Roger Glenn, Mimi Fox, Ann Savoy, and Samba Rio. She was co-founder of two long-term Bay Area groups, the Blazing Redheads and Wild Mango. In addition, Michaelle enjoys teaching, privately and at music camps and schools (she taught after school at the SF School in San Francisco for 14 years).

  • Percussion!

    All levels

  • We’ll focus on a few African-based rhythms that have been incorporated into folkloric Cuban and Brazilian (and American) music. Clave, congas, sticks, rumba, tumbao, bembe, and samba await!

  • Rhythm Training

    All levels

  • Rushing or dragging? Not sure where “the 1” is? Want to play auxiliary percussion? Add to your musical toolbox by unraveling polyrhythms and learning basic techniques on some common percussion instruments.

Chris Grampp

Chris Grampp has been playing in jazz, pop, rock, blues, swing, and old-time bands for years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has worked extensively as a solo guitarist. An all-around player, he has studied with Tuck Andress, Davis Ramey, and Warren Nunes. Chris has published articles on improvisation and rhythm guitar in Acoustic Guitar magazine and their instructional books, and contributed profiles of famous artists and funny music camp stories. He has taught at the California Coast Music Camp and the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop since the early 1990s, and conducted workshops at many festivals.

  • On-the-Spot Arrangements

    Level 3–5

  • We’ll divide into small groups each day to create and perform arrangements for rock, folk, pop, country, and swing tunes. All instruments and vocalists are welcome. We’ll do lots of playing in class.

  • Advanced Improvisation

    Level 3–4

  • We’ll cover strategies for soloing over swing, pop, blues, country, Latin, and rock tunes. We’ll discuss scales and modes, arpeggios, dynamics, and rephrasing song melodies. All instruments welcome, and we’ll do lots of playing in class.

Coty Hogue

Originally from Montana, Coty Hogue is a singer and multi-instrumentalist whom Alice Gerrard (of Hazel and Alice) called “an impressive young talent.” She has released three albums and been featured on BBC radio and Sirius XM satellite radio. Her rendition of the traditional song “Going to the West” charted #1 on the FOLK-DJ radio charts; “Oh Wind” is featured in the independent film Neon Sky. She performs throughout the northwest with her trio and teaches banjo, guitar, and songwriting both privately and at music camps.

  • Songs of Joni Mitchell

    Level 2–3

  • I’ll wager that most would say they are a Joni fan but rarely do we hear her songs played at camp. Let’s change that! In a year that has been a resurgence of all things Joni, we’ll have fun learning her songs in an accessible way. This class will be catered toward learning her songs in standard and open tunings on the guitar, but singers are welcome too!

  • Beginning Guitar

    Level 1

  • We’ll start with the very basics—the anatomy of the guitar and how to hold it so you won’t be in pain, and then progress to learning chords, strumming, and even a smattering of theory that will help you be playing songs in no time and jamming with others.

Adam Kulakow

Adam Kulakow has played with singers, songwriters, and ensembles all over southern California, where he has also worked for many years in film and TV. He currently performs, writes, and records with his Americana roots band The Wholesome, and plays mandolin, guitar, ukulele, and banjo on their all-originals debut album, Alive Tonight. Adam is also part of the team at Katie Glassman’s Fiddle School and is a regular teacher and jam leader at their camps and special events.

  • Songs to Start Jamming

    Level 2

  • Get grooving on a variety of songs and styles, from folk and country to blues and classic rock. Learn the chords and strums that go with some of our favorite songs along with the occasional bass run, fill, or riff that can really light up a campfire jam. We’ll also explore some theory basics like notes, chords, and keys, so that you’ll deepen your musical vocabulary—and have more fun joining the jam.

  • Instigator

    All levels

  • Whether it’s finding (or starting) that perfect jam or helping you pick the right class for your interests and level, I’m here to help. Want support for a song you’re working on? Ask me! Want to play a tune? Let’s play!

Carol McComb

Carol McComb is a vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with over 45 years of performing, recording, and teaching experience. She wrote a best-selling guitar instruction book and has taught thousands of people to play guitar and sing in her workshop series at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto. She has been a frequent contributor to Acoustic Guitar magazine and has taught at several music camps around the country. Carol was a member of the popular California-based band the Gryphon Quintet, and has toured with both Linda Ronstadt and Joan Baez. She is currently one half of the duo Kathy and Carol.

  • Acoustic Rock for Folkies

    Level 2

  • Learn solid acoustic rock-style flatpick strums from scratch and increase your repertoire of strum choices. Come join in the fun as we survey songs by the Beatles, the Eagles, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Green Day, John Lennon, Tom Petty, Shawn Colvin, and more.

  • Sweet Harmony

    All levels

  • Nothing is quite as uplifting as singing in harmony, especially when attention is paid to getting the blend and the parts just right! We will learn duets and trios from a wide range of styles and will include a bit of harmony theory as we go. Come join us as we sing our hearts out!

Michael McNevin

Quirky conversations, odd jobs, narrow escapes; Michael McNevin’s songs read like short stories—full of heart, humor, and a keen eye for detail. Skillful guitar work and seasoned vocals underscore the characters and places of his travels: a scarecrow in love, a busking clown on a frozen Michigan lake, a trailer mechanic in Barstow, a night spent in a Jersey jail. Michael tours the U.S. and regularly offers workshops at festivals, songwriter retreats, and colleges. Every January, he also co-directs the Pacific Songwriting Camp in Cambria, CA. Michael is an eight-time “Song of the Year” winner for West Coast Songwriters, a Performing Songwriter magazine top twelve DIY Artist of the Year, a Kerrville New-Folk Winner, and a Top Three at the Telluride and Rocky Mountain Folks Fest troubadour competitions.

  • Rhymes With Orange

    All levels

  • A lyric kernel lands in your lap like a wind-blown buck. Now what? Expand it to a full line, flesh out a verse or chorus. Now what about the rhyming? Do they limit or expand your poetry palette? Push the limits of the rhyme box; our lyric language is infinite, creative, surprising. Discover those odd rhymes, soft rhymes, bold rhymes, internal rhymes, perfect rhymes within your narrative. It can seem like a series of happy word accidents that become something uniquely yours.

  • Melody Spaghetti

    Level 2–4

  • As a lyric can take us on a visual journey, the melody delivers it to our doorstep. Birds do it so well, so can we. Melody has an instant impact on the lyric being sung. It is why we love certain songs so much. Two different melodies sung over the exact same lyric can make a song funny or sad, intense or loose. Bring any song idea you have cooking, and let's throw melodic spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

Kristina Olsen

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kristina Olsen has added “author” to her quiver with the release of her eBook with embedded songs. Kristina is an award-winning songwriter with a big bluesy voice that ranges across lilting ballads, blues, swing jazz, to rauch and roll. A famously funny performer, she takes the audience through a roller coaster of wild humor to deeply poignant songs. Her songs have been covered by Eric Bibb, Mary Coughlin, Maddy Prior, and Fairport Convention, among others. With 14 recordings of original songs (four on Rounder/Philo Records), she is typically on the road 10 months a year having way too much fun.

  • Arranging for Songwriters

    Level 2–5

  • Many songwriters have lovely words and melodies that can be deadened by repetitive, humdrum arrangements. We’ll look at ways to make your songs stand out and sparkle. This class is oriented mainly for guitarists, but all instruments are welcome.

  • Guitar Soloing for People Who Have No Clue

    Level 2–3

  • Do you freeze up when someone says “take it!”? Do you wonder how to go from playing chords to playing single-note leads? Do you worry that your guitar-playing friends will start to talk behind your back? Come to this class and learn how to dazzle those nay-sayers with your new skills. We’ll start with building a solo out of just a few notes in a safe and un-terrifying way, with just enough theory to aid comprehension but not confuse.

Ron Peters

Veteran Seattle guitarist Ron Peters has played professionally for many years, appearing with acts including The Manhattan Transfer, Jennifer Scott, Lance Buller, Stephanie Porter, The Northwest Sinfonietta, Pearl Django, and Sylvia Herold, to name a few. When not performing, he teaches privately and at music camps and workshops in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Strummers Survival Guide

    Level 2–3

  • Strumming along with friends at a jam but finding it hard to find the “groove” of the song? Learning the chords is one thing but you have to know how to “voice” them to make the song sound right for the style. This class will cover the best voicings (chord shapes) for the song and also the rhythmic strum patterns that define the song, whether it's folk, swing, pop, rock, blues, or country.

  • Color Tones for Chords

    Level 4–5

  • Adding color tones to chords can richen and enhance your accompaniment, but they are not (or shouldn't be) random choices. Learn how to pick the right extensions (9, 11, 13) for your voicings and even how to alter them for maximum effect. Be a star at your next jam or gig! For this class, you should already know major scales and basic chord shapes.

Cindy Browne Rosefield

Cindy Browne Rosefield is the Director of Instrumental Studies and the Coordinator of the Music Business Certificate at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA, where she also teaches Music Theory, American Cultures in Jazz, and History of Rock & Roll. Cindy performs and records with various groups, including Wake the Dead and the Tom Reynolds Conspiracy. She has toured extensively throughout Europe, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Canada, and the U.S., and performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Concord Jazz Festival, SF Jazz Festival, the California Jazz Conservatory, and many other jazz and folk music festivals around the world. She also serves on the Board of the Livermore Jazz Society, a nonprofit organization that hosts musical performances of jazz and other underserved musical genres through house concerts and local venues.

  • Beginning Bass

    Level 1–2

  • For those who are just starting, wanting a refresher course, or just curious about the magic of playing the bass! Open to all instrumentalists, this class is a great starter for understanding and learning more about simple bass fundamentals, such as how to get a good tone, simple hand positions to get you going, and how to create good smooth bass lines. We will move toward "playing in the pocket" in a few different styles and tricks that make a solid bassist.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Bassists

    Level 3–4

  • Now is the time to explore more ways to be a well-rounded bassist. We’ll go beyond beats 1 and 3 (!) by learning about different grooves in various styles, such as swing, blues, funk, and some Latin tinges. And soloing. Move to the frontline melodically and become more comfortable as a soloist, in addition to laying down a mean groove.

Greg Schochet

Greg Schochet is a full-time performer, teacher and producer in Boulder, Colorado. Equally adept on guitar and mandolin, he is fluent in all manner of acoustic and electric styles, specializing in bluegrass, swing, and country. He was lead guitarist for Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams, Colorado’s beloved and venerable honky-tonk and western swing band, for sixteen years. Greg is an integral part of Colorado’s thriving roots music scene, and is a sought-after instructor, session player, producer, and collaborator. A veteran of many teaching camps, Greg was also guitar and mandolin teacher at Woodsongs Music, Colorado’s premier acoustic music store, for some twenty years. His teaching practice centers on preparing students to thrive in ensemble settings, whether it be a campground jam or a working band. Greg’s enthusiasm for the music he teaches, as well as his personable manner and attention to detail, have earned him a loyal and committed student body.

  • Western Swing Guitar

    Level 3–4

  • When the country meets the swing, it's western swing! In this primarily rhythm class, we’ll apply swing guitar techniques to some simple country songs, like passing chords and moving bass lines. We’ll also learn some gems from the western swing canon from the likes of Bob Wills and Asleep at the Wheel. Prior knowledge of closed 6th and 7th chords is helpful.

  • Essential Country Guitar Techniques

    Level 2–3

  • We all know country guitar when we hear it, but where do those distinctive sounds come from? In this class you’ll learn how to twang, tic-tac, and shuffle with the best of ’em. Using well-known classic songs as examples, we’ll look at the rhythm and picking techniques that will get you that gig on the Opry!

Eva Scow

Eva Scow is an American mandolinist and violinist from California. She began playing professionally in high school, collaborating with different musicians/bands around the country. At age 15 she recorded for mandolin pioneer David Grisman on his album Tone Poets. In 2006 she was selected to perform at Carnegie Hall for a Young Artist Spotlight alongside bassist Edgar Meyer. She recorded her debut album, Sharon by the Sea (Adventure Music), with guitarist Dusty Brough in 2007. The album features influences from flamenco, jazz, and Brazilian folk music. That same year she also recorded with jazz guitarist Anthony Wilson for his album Power of Nine. She has recorded on numerous projects, ranging in styles from R&B, country, pop, and jazz. She continues to play in numerous groups across California as a sideperson, exploring traditional styles and contemporary jazz idioms.

  • Beginning Mandolin

    Level 1–2

  • We’ll learn some variations on scales that will strengthen your right- and left-hand technique. We’ll cover chord voicings, rhythms for a couple of different styles, and some basic soloing over blues changes. We’ll also learn a few melodies in the American old-time and blues style.

  • Improvising Over Jazz Changes on the Mandolin

    Level 3–4

  • We’ll look at a few different jazz standards and ways to solo over multiple chords in one phrase. We’ll also explore different rhythmic phrasings, backup rhythm patterns, and how to best utilize arpeggios and scales in our soloing.

Jon Shain

Jon Shain is a veteran singer-songwriter known for his words and his fiery acoustic guitar work, and an evolved musical style that combines improvised Piedmont blues with bluegrass, swing, and ragtime. As a young man, he had the good fortune to learn directly from a number of North Carolina’s older blues players, and became a member of Big Boy Henry’s backing band. Jon is the 2019 winner of the International Blues Challenge in the solo/duo category. His album Gettin’ Handy with the Blues: A Tribute to the Legacy of W.C.Handy was published last year by Mel Bay as a book of fingerstyle guitar arrangements. Also a record producer, Shain has produced a number of successful folk and roots records for other artists at Good Luck Studio in Chapel Hill, NC.

  • Beginning Fingerstyle Blues

    Level 2

  • We’ll concentrate on basic folk-blues fundamentals: getting good tone, alternating thumb technique and “dead thumb” technique, and adding melodies in the treble strings. We’ll learn an easy blues tune or two along the way. Some TAB-reading skills will be helpful, so we’ll do a quick primer on it at the beginning of the class.

  • Acoustic Slide Guitar

    Level 4

  • We’ll work on bottleneck style guitar in open tunings and in standard tuning, with special attention to tone, expressiveness, and control. This will include some solo tunes, as well as strategies for accompanying others, and improvising solos. Prior slide experience is not necessary, but this class will be aimed at more experienced guitarists.

Avram Siegel

Avram Siegel is regarded as one of the most original banjo players to emerge from the California bluegrass scene. His bluesy, syncopated rhythm is always fresh and exciting while capturing the essence of the traditional Scruggs style. For over 45 years he has taught regularly and performed in a wide variety of bands, from the Grant Street String Band to the Vern Williams Band and Peter Rowan. He has performed, toured, and recorded with two of California’s most exciting bands, True Blue (with Del Williams and Ed Neff) and the Kathy Kallick Band. Avram has extensive training, both academic and practical, and has developed a detailed and comprehensive teaching method that has turned out some of California’s most popular and successful young musicians. Besides teaching privately, and regularly teaching workshops at festivals and in the Freight and Salvage’s educational program, Avram has taught at many of the finest music camps on the west coast. He currently teaches regular ongoing jam classes and periodically offers classes on harmony (music theory) and the fingerboard, band clinics, bluegrass harmony singing, and various other music workshops. He has also released a detailed beginning banjo DVD on Music Star Productions.

  • Bluegrass Banjo

    Level 3

  • In this class we’ll cover rhythm and backup, solo breaks, and how the banjo fits into a band setting. We’ll also look at right- and left-hand technique to improve tone, timing, and speed. Students should be familiar with basic open and closed chord shapes. Bring a 5-string banjo, fingerpicks, a thumbpick, and a capo.

  • String Band

    Level 3–5

  • We’ll arrange one song at a time, as we would for a performance. We’ll work on intros and outros, soloing, vocal leads and harmonies, dynamics, and the elusive groove that makes music cook whether it’s bluegrass, country, swing, old-time, or related string band styles. All stringed instruments are welcome.

Eric Skye

Pacific Northwest acoustic guitarist Eric Skye occupies a unique niche between folk, jazz, and blues, between fingerstyle and flatpicking, and between composition and improvisation. A lifetime of eclectic interests and adventuresome exploration culminates into a fully realized and identifiable personal style and tone. He has a wide-ranging body of work, all threaded together with an uncluttered minimalist’s aesthetic, a passion for in-the-moment music making, and a love of pure acoustic tone. Eric has performed live on morning television for NBC and Fox, been featured on National Public Radio and Public Radio International, and performed on many live radio broadcasts all over the U.S. Eric has been featured in magazines such as Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, Fretboard Journal, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar World, Jazziz, Jazz Improv, 20th Century Guitar, Acoustic (UK), Akustik Gitarree (Germany), The Guitar Note, and The Guitar Bench, and was on the cover of Acoustic Guitar in China. In 2011, the renowned Santa Cruz Guitar Company bestowed the rare honor of releasing a signature model guitar, the 00-skye, which has become one of the company’s best-selling guitars.

  • Southern Hymns and Murder Ballads for Fingerstyle Guitar

    Level 2–3

  • We’ll learn single-page intermediate-level fingerstyle arrangements of one old Southern hymn and one old-time murder ballad. Tablature and notation will be provided, and we’ll learn the tunes phrase by phrase. We’ll also do some deconstructing of the arrangements, comparing them to the original lead sheet and exploring the artistic choices. And we’ll talk about how we can spice them up further with bluesy phrasing, gospel-inspired chord substitutions, and slow dirge grooves.

  • Arranging for Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

    Level 4–5

  • Learn to create strong arrangements for solo fingerstyle guitar. We’ll work together on both a jazz standard and a traditional folk tune as vehicles to explore making satisfying and compelling solo guitar versions. We’ll explore having an improvised section within an otherwise set arrangement. We’ll get into developing our own original tunes into solid solo pieces as well. And we’ll talk about practicing to get an arrangement up to performance level, with emphasis on timing and tone.

CCMC Teachers: WEEK 2 • JULY 20–26, 2024

CLASS LEVELS: 1–Beginner | 2–Advanced Beginner | 3–Intermediate | 4–Advanced | 5–Expert

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Roy Berns

Roy Berns started playing classical guitar as a seven-year-old. Eventually, rock and roll took its toll and since that time, he has played as a part-time professional sideman and leader in styles including Brazilian, rock, soul, jazz, fingerstyle, western swing, gypsy jazz, and vintage country western. Currently, Roy plays in an Americana band in Rochester, NY. He has taught for many years at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.

  • Fingerstyle Potpourri

    Level 3

  • What do you do after you get comfortable with alternating thumb and some melody notes? This class, of course! We’ll learn (or review) classical, fingerpicks, and hybrid (flatpick) right-hand techniques focusing on tone production. Then, arpeggios, up the neck, exploiting open strings, dropped D, keeping time, and so on. We’ll triage songs and techniques you’re struggling with and offer solutions. Bring a device to record the teacher (we won't be using tablature or conventional notation). Bring your picks, or not.

  • Country Guitar Tricks and Licks

    Level 4–5

  • Want to be a lead guitarist in a vintage C&W or western swing band? This class is for you. First and foremost, we’ll learn how to play melody in interesting ways, including double and triple stops, note bending, different neck positions, reducing notes per second, and other devices. Songs will include Buck Owens and western swing. You should be comfortable going up the neck and understand the CAGED system. We’ll use hybrid picking and focus on tone production. Bring a device to record the teacher (we won't be using tablature or conventional notation).

Kat Bula

Kat Bula is a Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and vocalist. In addition to about a zillion musical collaborations across folk and pop genres, she has worked with hundreds of adult and teenage students around the world via her live workshops, online courses, and private lessons. Kat has also written for Fiddler magazine and Mel Bay’s Fiddle Sessions, and will probably tell you too much about her cat, Audrey.

  • Fingerstyle Guitar Basics

    Level 2

  • Ready to put down that flatpick and try something new? We’ll start from scratch, getting your fingers working independently in basic patterns. Fingerstyle is applicable to just about every genre; we’ll explore a few in this class.

  • Fiddle Lab: Playing in Weird Keys

    Level 2–4

  • Afraid of flats and sharps (at least when they congregate in a certain quantity)? Let’s get you past that. A world of tunes—and singers to play with—will open up to you!

Gina Davis

On July 15, 2022, Gina Davis finally unveiled her long-awaited debut album, Field Notes. Garnering immediate acclaim and radio airplay as far afield as the UK, her collaboration with the award-winning guitarist/producer Marc Atkinson not only joyously captures Gina’s buoyant personality, but melodiously articulates a professional life passionately dedicated to the composition, performance, and teaching of music. An emotive singer-songwriter and richly talented multi-instrumentalist, Gina leaves audiences spellbound and joyous with her beautiful original material and riveting live performances.

  • Singing for the Terrified but Eager: Beginning Vocal Technique, Harmony Skills, and More

    Level 2

  • Let’s begin at the beginning in a safe and fun environment. We’ll dig into accessible technique and sing along with simple tunes. We’ll use our ears and our hearts to learn tools to dip our toes into the world of harmony. You’ll leave with some new songs to hum, sing, and share. Students should have at least one year of recent musical experience on any instrument, and the ability to match pitch most of the time; more experienced singers are welcome to come support their new singer friends!

  • Songwriters Circle

    Level 2–3

  • Bring your half written, half finished, almost there, or barely started fragments and seedlings—we’ll share and give feedback in a supportive environment. As time allows, we’ll also listen to some great songwriting examples, and discuss and draw inspiration from their process.

Amy Friedricks

Amy Friedricks first picked up a guitar at summer camp at the age of ten and that love affair changed the course of her life. A versatile multi-instrumentalist and veteran jam leader, she teaches guitar, ukulele, and bass privately and at various music camps in the west. Amy has added bass, vocals and guitar to a variety of bands including a Beatles tribute band, an acoustic jazz quartet, and an Americana trio. Currently she performs with an eclectic mix of musicians showcasing a range of styles including roots, folk & classic rock, Celtic, klezmer and swing. Amy enjoys bringing people together around music and loves to organize community singing and jams with musicians of all levels.

  • Fun With Barre Chords

    Level 2

  • It’s time: You’ve got the basic chords under your fingers; let’s take your playing to the next level Learn to play that dreaded F chord! We’ll make friends with a Bm and a Bb and dozens more. We’ll learn how to move simple shapes up the neck, easily figure out which fret to play, and how to make it sound good. Along the way we’ll play fun songs that everyone wants to sing.

  • Instigator

    All levels

  • New to an instrument? Join us at the Slow Jam every afternoon (4 chords or less!). Need a musical matchmaker for your level/style? Or a camp experience navigator? Playing music with others is such a joy; let’s make it happen.

Nina Gerber

Since Nina Gerber first gained recognition accompanying Kate Wolf, her acute skills as a performer, producer, and arranger have continued to deepen. Her contributions to acoustic music have earned her a loyal following and proven that, when it comes to creating honest, powerful, and beautiful music, the shadow can equal the spotlight. Nina has a unique ability to completely free herself within an eclectic range of styles. Presented with folk, country, bluegrass, rock, or blues, she falls into leads that have rare reverence for the true feeling of a song, always emphasizing taste over technical display. She seeks to express through her hands, rather than to gain attention, and it is this integrity that makes her expressions worth intent listening.

  • Let’s Make That Song All It Can Be

    Level 2–4

  • You’ve got a song you wrote or one you really love to sing but your guitar playing is getting in the way of making it sound like what you want. You don’t have to be a super guitar player to take this class. We’ll start from where you are technically and work on enhancing your playing.

  • Theory Applied to Guitar

    All levels

  • Knowing where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there makes for a smoother trip. This class will start you on the path to understanding the fretboard. Whether you’re looking to play more leads or find more chords, a little knowledge goes a long way (practicing helps too).

Sylvia Herold

Sylvia Herold brings to CCMC a deep enthusiasm and knowledge of jazz, swing, and folk songs. Researching songs and developing guitar arrangements fuels her artistic passion. Her performing credits include the popular swing trio Cats & Jammers, Euphonia, Hot Club of San Francisco, and Sylvia Herold & the Rhythm Bugs. Sylvia currently performs with the Celtic Grateful Dead band, Wake the Dead, and her jazz combo, the Sylvia Herold Ensemble. She is a popular guitar and repertoire teacher at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, California Coast Music Camp, British Columbia Swing Camp, Colorado Roots Music Camp, Lark in the Morning, and the Ashokan Center.

  • Swing Gently: Intro to Swing Guitar

    Level 3

  • How does one get from playing first-position chords (G, C, D, etc.) to playing swing and jazz? I’ll show you the way! I’ve helped hundreds of students discover the joys of playing up the neck using simple swing tunes and a pared-down palette of chords. We’ll spend most of our time playing, strumming, and gently swinging to a selection of old-fashioned songs.

  • Moving on in Swing: Intermediate Swing Guitar

    Level 3–4

  • This class is for those who have previously taken a swing guitar class or two. You’ll learn a selection of standards, ballads, Latin, and show tunes as you expand your chord vocabulary—including inversions—and practice right-hand strumming for the all-important swing feel. Soloing and singing are encouraged!

Ed Johnson

Classical. Brazilian. R&B. Jazz. Afro-Cuban. Pop. Rock and Roll. Funk. Folk. Ed Johnson’s mastery of so many different styles, coupled with a passion for harmony vocal and horn arrangements, all factor into a magical blend of vibrant, original contemporary jazz that has won fans and airplay worldwide. As a vocalist, Ed is frequently compared to Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Kenny Rankin, and Michael Franks. As a guitarist and bandleader, critics often cite the sounds of Airto and Flora Purim. Ed has seven recording projects to his credit, in addition to producer credits for numerous artists. He currently performs and records with his Brazilian jazz ensemble Novo Tempo, as well as with the Americana roots band Cabin Fever NW.

  • Get Your Groove On!

    Level 3

  • Strengthen and refine your rhythm guitar chops through learning classic and modern rock, R&B, and reggae songs. We’ll focus on left- and right-hand techniques that will help you maximize the sound of your instrument with efficiency, along with fun signature riffs. We’ll cover both flatpick and fingerstyle accompaniment, standard and non-standard chord forms, and right-hand muting and dampening techniques.

  • Swing/Jazz Band Lab

    Level 3–5

  • Calling all instruments and voices! Learn to make a joyful noise together, working with standards from the Great American Songbook, blues, and Latin repertoire. Learn how to work through a chart, put together an ensemble arrangement, cue bandmates, and give a song its best presentation. Charts provided daily; music-reading skills are helpful but not a prerequisite.

Cara Luft

Juno Award–winning singer-songwriter-musician Cara Luft is that rare artist steeped in folk and traditional roots music almost from birth, yet willing to alter the fabric, stretch the boundaries, and fearlessly bend genres and styles. A founding member of Canadian folk super-group The Wailin’ Jennys and the brainchild/bandleader of Winnipeg’s acclaimed powerhouse duo The Small Glories, Cara deserves her solid reputation as one of Canada’s finest live performers, armed with amazing tenacity, vision, energy, and a contagious hilarity. To quote the roots magazine No Depression, “Luft has a rich tradition in folk music—it’s safe to assume that she knows her stuff—and upon listening it becomes quite clear that she is indeed a formidable songwriter and performer.” Reviewers of her live shows talk about her powerhouse vocals, superb musicianship, humourous anecdotes, her ability to switch between styles, her accomplished songwriting, and the charm of her stage presence. 

  • School of Rock for Folkies

    All levels

  • With voices and instruments working together in a group context, participants will acquire the tools necessary for bringing a song to life. Does that sound like fun or what!? Come prepared to rock out folk-style (i.e., taking rock songs and folkin’ them up!). If you sing (untrained more or less) and/or play an instrument (beyond the beginner stage), then this class is for you. Some of those "tools” mentioned include: How to learn and arrange a song as a group, dynamics within a song, blending instruments, listening to each other, knowing when to play simply and when to step it up, how to play in support of the vocalist or soloist, and how to get out of the way and let the song speak. We will also explore tasteful fills, how to sing in harmony, and performance techniques. Any acoustic instrument is welcome (guitar, bass, dobro, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, ukulele, bodhran, accordion, etc.), and don’t forget about the voice! Come prepared to have fun!

  • Harmony Singing

    All levels

  • Come experience the fun and unique qualities of singing with others in harmony and learn how to capture the essence of a song with your voice. We’ll explore listening techniques, how to recognize chordal relationships, how harmony fits into a melodic landscape, how to sing better lines while picking up some vocal techniques, and exercises along the way. Join us for a fun and empowering experience! Everything is taught by ear and learned as a group.

Tony Marcus

Tony Marcus has found joy playing many styles of music. He’s played bluegrass with mandolin legend Frank Wakefield, jug band music and blues with Geoff Muldaur, fiddle tunes with the Arkansas Sheiks, string swing with Cats & Jammers, big band jazz with the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, weird old Hawaiian and hokum with R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders, and honky tonk country with Rose Maddox, to name a few. Playing music has taken him from Japan to Ireland, and from Alaska to Florida in the USA. He currently performs with Patrice Haan in the vocal duo Leftover Dreams and with the country band Crying Time.

  • Fiddling With Singers

    Level 2–4

  • The sound of a fiddle and a human voice complement each other in a wonderful way. This class will concentrate on how to make beautiful music with a vocalist/guitarist. We’ll work on strategies for adding to rather than distracting from the singer and the song.

  • Guitar Chord Melody, Fingerstyle or Flatpicked

    Level 4–5

  • It's a simple concept: Voice the melody of a song on top of the song's chords. In learning a few standards played this way, we’ll also get better acquainted with the mysteries lurking above the fifth fret.

Susan Peña

Since the age of 12, multi-instrumentalist Susan Peña has been collecting, singing, and accompanying herself on guitar or fiddle, playing songs from the American folk, old-time, and country traditions. For the past four decades, she has performed Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Colombian music with her family band, La Familia Peña-Govea. She retired six years ago after twenty years of teaching high school Spanish, where she made music an important teaching tool. Since then, she has worked part-time as a Teaching Artist for the San Francisco Unified School District’s Mariachi program.

  • Beginning Guitar

    Level 1

  • Instruction on basic chords and simple harmonic progressions for different song forms. No experience necessary.

  • Cumbia

    Level 3

  • The cumbia is a dance that originated in Colombia but is wildly popular throughout Mexico and other parts of Latin America. This class will cover rhythmic concepts and vocal and instrumental leads for a beginning repertoire of well-known cumbias. The leads will be taught on guitar but can be adapted to violin or other instruments.

Brian Rice

Brian Rice began his orchestral career at age 15, playing percussion with the Northwest Michigan Symphony. After attending Interlochen Arts Academy and heading to Oberlin Conservatory, Brian had an epiphany: There’s a whole world of music beyond the classical and jazz of his youth! Brian has since established himself as an expert on Brazilian music as well as other worldly genres. Brian recently performed with Brazilian master Danilo Brito at the Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, and the Savannah Music Festival, and has guest taught at universities across the U.S. and in Brazil. Currently Brian teaches the samba and Afro-Cuban ensembles at UC Davis, co-chairs the Brazilian focus at the California Jazz Conservatory, and is co-founder and Artistic Director of the Berkeley Festival of Choro. Brian’s percussion is heard on over 70 recordings. He regularly performs around the Bay Area with Wake the Dead, Cascada de Flores, and the Berkeley Choro Ensemble.

  • Rhythm in a Box

    All levels

  • This class is for cajón players (and cajón owners) and for people who want to improve their rhythm in general. There are many kinds of cajóns in the world; the popular sit-on-top style of cajón comes originally from Peru, via Spain and its flamenco music. The cajón is used in many different ways and is very popular as a substitute for the drum set. Bring your cajón and we’ll learn some traditional uses (and some not-so-traditional ones) of the cajón while developing a better sense of rhythm.

  • Samba!

    All levels

  • Samba, the national music of Brazil, grabs your heart and your butt at the same time, shakes you down and leaves you feeling great! What makes this music so compelling and infectious? Come and learn the building blocks and the most common conventions of samba music. We will play on percussion instruments, sing songs, and learn what samba can be. You will come away with a greater rhythmic arsenal and techniques on some common percussion instruments. All percussion instruments are provided.

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott is a Vancouver-born vocalist and jazz pianist specializing in jazz, blues, and world music. She is considered one of the most important jazz artists working in Canada and the United States today. From sold-out concerts in San Francisco to exclusive local club performances, Jennifer’s performance experiences have been varied. Jennifer has appeared at jazz festivals all across Canada and the U.S., appearing with such jazz luminaries as: Tommy Banks, Don Thompson, Jon Batiste, Kenny Wheeler, Skywalk, and Hugh Fraser, to name a few. She has numerous ongoing musical projects, including performing as the pianist/vocalist for San Francisco–based Novo Tempo, a Brazilian/jazz fusion group, and is a founding member of Crossing Borders, an international jazz group that performs and records music from the heart. Crossing Borders has released two CDs and performed at Kuumbwa and the Monterey Jazz Festival. Jennifer continues to perform at festivals worldwide and has two new recordings: Live at Samson Winery and Music for Bigs and Smalls. Her duo recordings and concerts with bassist/husband René Worst are critically acclaimed. Jennifer is in demand as an educator and clinician in the U.S. and Canada, and has taught and created many workshops and college courses.

  • Vocal Qigong

    All levels

  • Part vocal technique, part movement/breath, this class offers wellness for any level of singer. A variety of repertoire will also be offered to complement our technique work.

  • Brazilian Magic

    Level 2–5

  • We’ll learn gorgeous Brazilian songs, mostly in Portuguese, and enjoy a rhythm and stylistic overview including putting together a vocal rhythms ensemble to really get inside the hypnotic beauty of Brazilian music and grooves.

Cosy Sheridan

Cosy Sheridan has been called one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful songwriters. Backed by the strong rhythms and harmonies of bass player Charlie Koch, she plays a percussive bluesy guitar style, often in open tunings and occasionally with two or more capos on the guitar. Her concerts are wide-ranging: ragtime guitar and social satire, and modern mythology. The Cornell Folksong Society wrote: “Sheridan is frank, feisty, sublimely and devilishly funny. She fuses myth with modern culture; Persephone with Botox.” Appearing on the national folk scene in 1992 when she won the songwriting contests at The Kerrville Folk Festival and The Telluride Bluegrass Festival, she regularly tops the folk radio charts. She teaches classes in songwriting, performance, and guitar at workshops and camps across the country. She is the director of Moab Folk Camp in Moab, Utah.

  • Songwriting: Finding Creative Lift-Off

    Level 3–5

  • Songwriting is a craft and an art. There are moments of inspiration when a song seems to be delivered into our ear and all we have to do is write it down. And then there is the rest of the time when we need tools and some knowledge of how to use them. How do we build a song that will run on the energy of our emotions? How can we find an idea for a song when we are feeling uninspired? In this hands-on class, we’ll each start a song and work on it through the week. Bring your instrument, something to write on, and a way to record your song-in-process (an iPhone works fine).

  • Guitar Rhythms and Riffs

    Level 3

  • We’ll focus on learning a couple of right-hand percussive picking patterns, then we’ll add some left-hand riffs to it. Then we’ll learn to play some songs that incorporate these skills. We will make our guitar playing into an engine of forward motion and energy!

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is one of the country’s top mandolin players. He’s an outstanding educator who has taught privately for 35 years and at more than 65 camps. Along with his work with the duo Tim May and Steve Smith, the Roots/Bluegrass group The Hard Road Trio, and the Alan Munde Gazette, Steve has appeared at numerous festivals. In addition to his 40 years of coast-to-coast touring, Smith has performed all over the world and in a variety of venues such as musical theater; he composed and performed the score for a production of the Sam Shepard play “Curse of the Starving Class.” Steve has appeared on over 50 albums as a performer and producer, and his music has been heard on countless radio stations across the U.S. and on the Discovery channel, the History channel, and even the Weather channel. Steve is a proud endorser of Ellis Mandolins and GHS Strings.

  • Mandolin Kickstarter

    Level 1–2

  • Whether you’ve been playing for three months or three years, developing and staying in touch with the basics will help you build and maintain your mandolin skills to help move to the next level. Proper right- and left-hand techniques are a sure way to get you down the mandolin road in all styles. We’ll work on consistent pick direction, finger placement, and chord shapes, major and minor pentatonic scales, and a few tunes. We’ll work by ear and with handouts.

  • Crank It Up!

    Level 3–5

  • This mandolin class will help you focus on using double stops, chord voices, and scales mixed in with tunes. We’ll work on getting “that sound and drive or pulse” in your music from bluegrass and old-time to roots styles. We’ll also focus on consistency of sound so your music will rise. Bring a strap for your mandolin.

Heidi Swedberg

Heidi Swedberg is passionate about people, which is why she loves the ukulele—the people’s instrument! Encouraging all ages to engage and connect through music, she teaches, writes, lectures, and performs for the youngest children to older adults. Born in Hawaii, Heidi received her first ukulele from the Easter Bunny when she was 5 years old. Heidi has helped start uke programs across the globe, from Los Angeles libraries to schools in Mexico to orphanages in Haiti. She has been a performer for more than 30 years, working in music, film, and television, and is a contributing editor for Ukulele magazine, where she writes about community and connectedness. She collaborates with her husband, Daniel Ward, on recordings and instructional books, including ’Tis the Season for ‘Ukulele and Color-Along Ukulele: A Method Book for those Drawn to Play.

  • Ukelele in the Pocket

    Level 2–5

  • Bass and drum, meet my little friend... The ukulele belongs right in the rhythm pocket, playing its jaunty beat that carries songs along. You can be your own drummer when you learn mesmerizing duple- and triple-meter picking patterns, backbeat strums, straight Latin rhythms, and swinging skanks.

  • Simple Gifts, Big Returns

    Level 3–4

  • Short, beautiful songs from around the world, including lullabies, rounds, shanties, and folk songs offer a blank canvas for growth and pleasure. Learn to read TAB, play chord melody, fingerstyle accompaniments, and sing harmonies as you add captivating songs to your repertoire.

Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward grew up in New Mexico, exposed to a wide variety of musical styles, including Mexican mariachi, Spanish flamenco, world music, and jazz. By the time he completed a degree in classical guitar and composition, Daniel was also playing electric jazz, flamenco guitar with dancers, percussion, trumpet, lute, and world beat music. As a guitarist, he toured with Dance España, Maria Benitez, Yjastros, and Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra In 2009 he moved to Hollywood, and fell in love with the ukulele. He has become a premier ukulele performer known for his command of Latin and world styles, and performs and teaches at festivals across the U.S. and abroad. Daniel contributes lessons to both Ukulele and Acoustic Guitar.

  • The Hand That Speaks

    Level 2–3

  • The hand that we strum and pick with is really the voice of the guitar. In this class we’ll look at ways to connect more deeply with your picking and strumming technique. We’ll look at rhythmic strumming, fingerpicking, and also flatpicking for both single lines and strums. Easy chords, arpeggios, and lines will be used to explore these concepts. Whatever your level of ability, this class will help you improve, and also add some new tricks to your toolbox. This is a real “hands on” style class where we’ll break down each step and slowly build back so you can really feel the music come from your ears through your hands and right to the strings.

  • VIP World Tour

    Level 3

  • This class will focus mostly on Latin styles, but we’ll visit a few other places too. Each of the patterns or strums has an easy-to-learn handout with a few sample chords so they sink in quickly. Styles we’ll dive into include bossa nova, flamenco rumba, boleros, samba, Cuban-style montunos, and some special picking patterns that aren’t Latin, like a fancy Travis pick with cool pull-offs and hammer-ons. We’ll also take some of these new patterns and use them to change the style of songs you already know and play. Ukelele players also welcome.

René Worst

René Worst, an internationally known bass player, has established himself as one of the most influential and leading jazz voices in North America for several decades. He attended the UBC School of Music and Douglas College jazz program. For the four years the award was given, he was voted Bassist of the Year by the BC CARAS Tribute to West Coast Music. René was co-leader of the now-legendary fusion band Skywalk, which has six CDs to their credit. He has toured Canada with jazz legends Chet Baker, Gene Bertoncini, and Joe Pass. On the international scene, he has toured the former Soviet Union with Paul Horn. He is also the bassist with Brazilian band Novo Tempo and multi-disciplinary ensemble Crossing Borders; both bands have toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. He is a virtuoso on both string and electric bass. René has recorded and performed with numerous jazz greats, including Jack Sheldon, Tommy Banks, Herb Ellis, Freddie Hubbard, Ernestine Anderson, John Faddis, and Don Thompson, to name a few, and has recorded and produced seven CDs for musical partner Jennifer Scott, one of the top jazz artists in Canada, including the highly acclaimed Emotional Girl. He has also been featured as a session player on recordings by Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Bowie, Aerosmith, and Poison, to name a few. René has released a duo album with pianist Miles Black called Two; it has received much critical acclaim. René’s studio work includes jingles, album projects, and movie scores. As a noted producer, René has helmed recordings for Sandy Foster, Megan Fanning, Skywalk, and Crossing Borders. This year, René released the Jennifer Scott CDs Live at Samson Winery and Music for Bigs and Smalls as bassist and producer, and was featured on new releases by Ed Johnson and Leslie Evers. He also released a second duo CD, El Escorial, with pianist Miles Black.

  • Bass Basics

    Level 1–2

  • We’ll cover left- and right-hand positions—and coordination between the two! Learn how to find the notes on the bass with a variety of song styles and feels: bluegrass, country, classic pop, and swing.

  • From the Bottom Up!

    Level 3–4

  • Take your bass playing to the next level by stepping up your technique. Walking lines, swing, and western swing, plus bossa nova and even something funky, plus a little functional harmony to spice up your lines and solos.