My first time at camp, I felt musically re-born, having discovered a million things I’d never even guessed about music. The best thing about camp is that everyone is supportive and happy to share what they like to do.

Bob Konisgberg

With such an incredible line-up of teachers and variety of classes to pick from, I’ve been exposed to and have learned to love all kinds of music that I might never have known. But my favorite thing about camp is the people!

Carol “Cski” Lewandowski

I return every summer to this magical place where skill level means nothing and embracing the journey is everything; where it’s understood that making a breakthrough usually begins with failing… a lot; where music is a verb, and it is happening everywhere; where the best moments will be as surprising as they are profound.

Mark Balmer

 And as trite as it may sound, that first CCMC literally changed my life. The circle of friends I developed in the subsequent years at camp and beyond, and the passion for music that grew from those experiences, opened new doors in my world.… I am sure that without my CCMC experience, the peace and passion I’ve found in, through, and for music would not be what it is today.

Heather Stewart

One of the great things about camp and the wonderful community of people is that it offers a safe environment in which an adult can be a beginner.… Because of that I was less afraid of trying new things. I even took up a new instrument! I’ve been playing the fiddle for three years now and am having the time of my life.

Gail Reese

I played guitar and sang for years, but had pretty much given up on music before I attended my first CCMC, because I thought if I wasn’t making a living at music, I must not be a “real” musician.… Now I do about 30 shows a year, have recorded two studio-quality CDs, and also perform for Mimi Farina’s Bread and Roses music outreach program.… CCMC gave me the inspiration that got me started. (Note: Our beloved Jayme passed away a few years ago.)

Jayme Kelly Curtis

There are just so many great opportunities to make and enjoy music all week, from jam circles and classes, to events like the coffee house, dance, and student and teacher concerts. It’s been a thrill to play with others, and incredible to have them join in and share one of my own tunes. Standing in an a capella circle and picking out old favorites to sing and harmonize on is another amazing experience.

Sheridan Malone

A week at CCMC made me realize that every musician is on a continuum of skill and talent, and each person’s musical gifts are unique.

Rick Palkovic

Camp’s pretty amazing … an experience not easily put into words. All I know is that I’m still benefiting from a class I took there 14 years ago.

Greg Spear

Camp has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve connected with a wonderful community of musicians, learned several new genres of music, and am now playing bass (a new instrument) professionally up and down the West Coast. The joy of connecting with other musicians has changed my life profoundly.

Lisa Burns

The encouragement I received at CCMC helped me believe that I too could play music. The classes honed my skills so that I gained confidence in my playing. A whole week just to focus on yourself and your music, surrounded by supportive people—that’s my idea of an amazing time. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

Pat Hohstadt

CCMC is a fabulous way to spend a family vacation. One year I checked it out on my own and had a great time. The next year I went with my wife and we had a great time. This past year (2007) we brought our two older children—ages 21 and 18—and all of us had a ball. If I had to do it over, I’d skip straight to step three.

Jeff Magill

When I registered for camp I thought it would be a blast. Playing music all day. Becoming a better player. No worries. It ended up being at least twice as fun as I expected. You guys have an excellent recipe and you deliver it with skill and love. This is probably what heaven feels like.

Daniel Reed

Expect to laugh, expect to cry, expect to learn something, expect to make some of your “best-est” friends. But don’t expect to sleep much—you might MISS something!

Stacey Erdman