Cosy Sheridan

Cosy Sheridan has been called one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful songwriters. Backed by the strong rhythms and harmonies of bass player Charlie Koch, she plays a percussive bluesy guitar style, often in open tunings and occasionally with two or more capos on the guitar. Her concerts are wide-ranging: ragtime guitar and social satire, and modern mythology. The Cornell Folksong Society wrote: “Sheridan is frank, feisty, sublimely and devilishly funny. She fuses myth with modern culture; Persephone with Botox.” Appearing on the national folk scene in 1992 when she won the songwriting contests at The Kerrville Folk Festival and The Telluride Bluegrass Festival, she regularly tops the folk radio charts. She teaches classes in songwriting, performance, and guitar at workshops and camps across the country. She is the director of Moab Folk Camp in Moab, Utah.

Years at camp: